ian ferguson - artist


Always the seeker, native of iconic Edinburgh City, leaving many times to travel the world.

Opened Rock Dance Clubs in Glasgow in the early sixties, hugely successful, often plagued by gangs & police - onto the heady days of the beatniks - creating the ‘all nighter’ - Incredible Folk Club with resident band The Incredible String Band right on top of Sauchiehall Street - the place to be! Billy Connolly still raves about his time there!


To Iceland for something completely different, painting, drawing, and sculpting in a metal yard. Late sixties saw him back in Edinburgh opening The Head Shop in the West Port. Co-organised the first Edinburgh Rock Factory event.


Spiritual quest led him to travel overland to India in the early seventies, via some of the world’s now inaccessible countries, including Afghanistan, Iran, and Kashmir. He immersed himself in Indian Art, studying for seemingly years in the Swami’s garden beside the River Ganges in Rishikesh, also Buddhist Art with the monks of the Ashoka Bihar.


Returned to Edinburgh and opened Divine Fruits along with Edinburgh Wholefoods. Qualified in alternative health therapies, and took a trip to New Zealand, stayed for seven years teaching Applied Kinesiology, also opened an organic whole foods store. Lived in Piha on the west coast of Auckland, awesome black sand beaches and big surf. Continued to draw, paint, along with interior and garden landscape design.


Left NZ for Saudi Arabia. A unique chance to explore the desert kingdom. Survived the first Gulf War, and stayed for five years, independently studying Islamic Art. Returned to Edinburgh and co-ordinated a few productions for ‘Unique Events’ at Hogmanay.


One day he found himself in The Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop and took the etching course to print his drawings. The prints looked good, were admired and accepted for exhibitions. He also became a member of an exceptional City Pottery Group to sculpt in clay.


In recent years he has travelled in India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Japan, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia. Today he lives and works back in central Edinburgh

Exhibitions include -

Gallery of Modern Art - March 2016

Society of Scottish Artists - SSA - Royal Scottish Academy - Edinburgh - Dec.2014

Visual Art Scotland-Gracefield Exhibition -Dumfries Scotland - Oct/Nov 2013

Printmakers Exhibition - Royal Overseas League - Edinburgh Aug-Oct 2013

Society of Scottish Artists - Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh March 2013

London Art Fair - Edinburgh Printmakers - Battersea - March 2013

Saatchi Showdown - Online Exhibition - January 2013

Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) Open Exhibition - Edinburgh - November 2011

Edinburgh Printmakers - Hidden City Edinburgh Uncovered Exhibition - November 2011

Axolotl Gallery - London Exhibition - Battersea October 2011

Axolotl Gallery Exhibition - Dundas Street Edinburgh - May 2011

Edinburgh Printmakers - Myths & Legends Exhibition - Edinburgh November 2010

Blue Door Gallery - Solo Exhibition - Pittenweem - June - August 2010

Visual Arts Scotland Open Exhibition - Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh - February 2010

Visual Arts Scotland Open Exhibition - City Arts Centre - Edinburgh - February 2009

Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts (RGI) Exhibition - Glasgow - December 2005

Glasgow Art Fair - Edinburgh Printmakers - Glasgow - 2005

London Art Fair - Edinburgh Printmakers/CEL Scotland  - Battersea London - January 2005

Edinburgh Printmakers Annual Exhibitions - Edinburgh - 2004 to 2009

Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts (RGI) 143rd Annual Exhibition - October 2004

ian ferguson



in life - some special things take you to another dimension - drawing opens that door for me, a captivating space, meditative, a zen moment, wabi sabi...


when the pen touches the paper -  a line, a simple shape, a curve, pleasing to the eye...the drawing steps lightly into being, it has it’s own footprint. The picture evolves, it flows...at times hard to walk away, to pause...to reflect...when to stop...




the transformation of the drawing into an etching print is a very different precise process - both creative and technical, in a studio facility, making the print plate, choosing the paper, the colour of ink, the prints enhance the original drawings.


clay sculpture


working in clay is a more tangible, tactile experience - from an idea, a concept, through a  myriad of processes to the creation of a sculpture.