ian ferguson


                        limited edition etching prints                                                          


etching prints - facts...


intaglio - a printing process where the image or drawing is etched into a metal plate (zinc, copper or steel) - using acids or other chemicals to burn the impression into the metal.


getting the burn timing right is vital to get the perfect impression. Tints, screens, can be added, to create depth.


to make a print - the etched plate is coated with oil based ink then wiped clean leaving ink in the recesses - a printing press is now used to transfer the image usually onto high quality art paper which has been immersed in water then blotted and left damp for printing.


printmaking is very time consuming, requiring an immense variety of skills - a precise art in itself to make a good print.


the more complicated and detailed the drawing the more valuable the print - an etching can greatly enhance the original drawing - see 'face' on this page!


i make my own etching plates and print editions - each print is made individually - usually my limited editions are of 20 prints.


 2. face - fullsize - 72:720dpi